In Class 4/26

Today was the last day of class. Kind of biter sweet because it was my last English class in Pembroke as well as my English Teacher’s last class in Pembroke as well. She mentioned to us at the end of class that she was moving back to Texas this summer due to her mothers illness. Which is a sad thing, but I’m sure she’ll have a better job in Texas. Just like i plan on having a better time at ECU than i do here in Pembroke. But who knows?? Everything happens for a reason… So i guess we’ll see!!

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Start of my Final Reflection

This is the start to my final reflectionn: 

While doing this project there were two major purposes that I wanted to portray to my audience. These purposes were that my topic human trafficking can happen to anyone. And the other purpose that I wanted to portray was that we could put an end to human trafficking by spreading the awareness. I wanted to focus mainly on those two goals because while doing the research on human trafficking in portfolio two. I began to think of how this major epidemic could be controlled and brought to an end

I’m not too sure if i like how i begin, but i still have time to fix what ever’s needed

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Some tactics that i have taken from class today is that to make a video perfect you should really take alot of time and consider all your options. And that in order to know what to and what not to put in your video it’s all a matter of testing and trying. Overall i find that my video is alright but it’s not ready to be published for good. Theirs a few little minor errors that still need to fixed. But overall it’s a pretty good video so i think.

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Blog Before Class 4/12

Sundrop Soulmates

Well I’m pretty sure that everybody has seen the sundrop commercial, but never really guessed who the sundrop industry was trying to target.. I believe that the sundrop industry is trying to connect with the younger generation of people because in both the guy version of the sundrop commercial and the girl version you see younger people everywhere. From people just chilling on the beach, they’re young, even the people who the sundrop guy/girl end up dancing with at the end is a crowd of younger people. I believe that the sundrop industry targeted younger individuals because majority of the soda drinkers are younger people. Soda can be easily bought on the side of the road, or even picked up at a party that many young people go to. Overall I believe that the sundrop industry does a pretty good job of targeting the younger generation and does a good job advertising their drink at the same time. Basically the sundrop industry is saying that when you drink they’re drink it should make you feel like the life of the party and just want to break out and dance.

Other two Commercial’s mentioned added on if you haven’t seen them:

Sundrop Guy Commercial

Sundrop Girl Commercial

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On your own Blog 4/3

Well i couldn’t really think about what i wanted to post so i just decided to post something about my favorite color orange and a little something it says about me.

Orange: This color of luxury and pleasure appeals to the flamboyant and fun-loving person who likes a lively social round. Orange people may be inclined to dramatize a bit, and people notice them, but they are generally good-natured and popular. They can be a little fickle and vacillating, but on the whole they try hard to be agreeable. Orange is the color of youth, strength, fearlessness, curiosity and restlessness.

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But i thought i would just share this because reading this description just really got me thinking about what do colors really say about people. And if so can distinguishing a person’s favorite color predispose you to who they really are? Or what does your parents colors say about you? etc. Just  many different questions pop into my head

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Blog 4/3

Beyonce ‘Year of 4’

I find this video to be very inspirational because it shows how someone like me say for example could do something magnificent. It shows how hard work and dedication can get you whatever you want in life. I also think of Beyoncé as a strong woman just like my mother. I guess that’s why i inspire to do something life changing like she does. Regardless if I’m just a normal citizen or a celebrity what matters the most is that whatever i do i put all my effort into it and do the best that i can.

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Blog Post 4/3

I have used the internet in many unethical ways in ways not only for education but also for the pleasing of myself. I always go online and get free music, just because i don’t like paying for music. I understand that it’s wrong but it’s just something that has not only become easy to do but just a natural habit. Because just about everyone that i know now days no longer buys their music of off iTunes but they illegally download it. Just so they can have it to listen to without having to pay for it. Do I think it’s wrong? Maybe if i was some big musician or an inspiring musician then yeah i could see where and why they would think it’s wrong to steal music online. But being that you have to look at all sides of the topic i think how you use the music is what makes the matter at hand wrong and right. I believe that if you were to use the music just for listening purposes than that should be fine. But if you were to use the music, tamper with it, and then redistribute it than yea that’s wrong. So whose to blame, the y both illegally downloaded music, but should you blame the individual that did nothing to the music or the one the tampered with it and redistributed it? The other way that I’ve used the internet in an unethical manner based on education would be for my projects. Majority of the time in highschool we had to create a cover page for the projects we did and it included a picture. Well i would just take a picture right of google, copy and paste, it right onto my cover page and wouldn’t think twice of it. Because i never knew that was wrong, do i still think it’s wrong? No because I’m not tampering with the photo created nor am I saying that i drew,took the pic, whatever of this photo. But just because i don’t think it’s wrong does that make it right?? And currently i don’t think that the current copyright laws fit into today’s society. I think the laws need to be fixed a little here and there and then maybe they’ll be up to date with today’s world.

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Blog Post 3/27

When creating my annotation bibliography there wasn’t really a format that I used to make them. It was more of a find a source, read the source, think about how relevant that source would be to my topic, and if it was relevant use it. I did have a pattern that I followed when actually creating my annotations and that consisted of citing the source, scanning the source for good in text citations, summarizing the source including in text citations, followed by the assessment, and reflection. I felt like if I were to do my annotations bibliography any other way it might not have worked. I felt that the way that I created my annotation bibliography was an easy and simple way to get them done. If I were to self-assess myself on my annotation bibliography I would give myself an A. Mainly because I feel as though my summaries for each source are very descriptive, and that if you were to read my summary and then go back and read the real article they would be comparable hand in hand. I believe that my assessments as well as my reflections were good as well. They may have been on the weaker side unlike my summary but I believe that answered every question asked when doing the assessment and reflection.

The second to last piece of work that I created was my reflective overview and I feel as though my reflective overview is pretty good. Instead of doing the little background paragraph like in the example given in class I wanted to take the reader straight into human trafficking. Allowing them to learn the history of human trafficking about how and where it could’ve originated. The major thing that I did take from the example given in class was that doing the reflective overview was done easier by headings and subheadings. I believe that if I didn’t have headings and subheadings it wouldn’t be as organized as it was. The headings and subheadings not only help me with creating this review of literature but also the reader. Because it allows the reader to know where I’m going in my paper and what exactly it is that I would be discussing in that portion. Based on the overall view of my review of literature I believe that I deserve an A- on it. I believe that my review of literature is good because I not only review the literature like I’m supposed to. And I provide very well thought out in text citations that not only support what I’m saying throughout the text but also can stand on its own as facts.

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